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Not content with his lacklustre 2009 predictions, analyst Michael Pachter has claimed that 2010’s projected software sales strength will see talk of the current console cycle ’stifled’.

Pachter, co-writing this article with Edward Woo and Chris White, believes the start of the year will see big sales:

‘We think that it is likely that sales will begin to grow in February, hit high single digits in March, and hit double-digit growth from April through October.’

He continued:

‘Once sales begin to grow sustainably, chatter of an end to the current console cycle will likely be stifled, and we expect investors to again grow interested in the video game publisher stocks.’

Pachter had already talked of how the next generation of consoles were as far away as 2013, but it’s probable that he’s not so sure now after 2009 fell way below his predictions if you note his usage of ‘likely’.