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It’s one thing to have a game in development for over a decade; it’s another thing to simply not be able to sell that game.  Such is the predicament of legal hell, and few games know that better than Planescape: Torment.  One of the most critically acclaimed computer RPGs of all time, Planescape was released back in 1999, and was developed by Black Isle Studios, the developer also responsible for Fallout 1 and Fallout 2.  However, unlike the original Fallout games, Planescape has been nearly impossible to find since its release.  Oh, sure, you could always buy a used copy from Amazon, or download it through a torrent, but you couldn’t buy a fresh copy legally…until now.

Good Old Games, a well renown site that sells DRM-free computer game classics, has finally dug Planescape out of its decade in legal hell, and put it up for download for only $10.  What makes releasing an almost impossible to release game even more amazing is that GOG recently shut down for a week, with many customers unsure of its future.  However, if being able to sell this cRPG classic is any indication, GOG is back and better than ever (the whole “shutting down” thing ended up being a hoax anyway, but still). Regardless, if you’re into old-school WRPGs, or are simply looking for a good game to play, I’d highly recommend Planescape: Torment (although, as far as Black Isle’s repertoire goes, I prefer the original Fallout games myself).  I know my fellow kokuer, Micah, is certainly very fond of it.  So, go check it out.  Or, check out the original Baldur’s Gate, a Bioware classic that was neighbors with Planescape down in legal hell.