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Popcap’s newest game powerhouse Plants Vs. Zombies has won the hearts and brains of millions, and it looks like it hasn’t stopped its infection. Popcap announced at Casual Connect that an XBLA version of the hit tower defense game was in the works, most likely due by the end of this year. This is both a refreshing and suprising……well surprise, as this will be the second tower defense game to be ported to XBLA(first being Crystal Defenders, which originally came out on the iPhone), and ANOTHER game released by Popcap to Xbox users.

Even more brains and hearts went aflutter when during an interview with Destructoid, Popcap announced that they were also looking into porting the game to DS and the iPhone. Director of public relations Garth Chouteau said quote: “There’s certainly a chance PvZ will be adapted for the handheld systems you list, but we haven’t made any specific determinations in this regard as yet. Obvious challenges would include making the on-screen action in PvZ – which gets pretty frantic in the later stages – easy to follow on a significantly smaller screen. Beyond that, we challenge ourselves with every adaptation to optimize/customize each game for the device in question. How could we take advantage of the iPhone’s accelerometer and DS’s dual screen and so forth.” Looks like if things go as planned, more of our lives will be sucked away by the E-Crack that is Popcap’s ever-growing library of games.

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