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Like the Revolution Wii it appears that Project Natal, Microsoft’s live action 360 inter-communication device, will be undergoing its own name change coming up at the E3 conference.

The speculated $150 price tag that many have been announcing might or might not be true. But, to be sure, the device shouldn’t cost more than $200 when it ultimately released for sale on October 26th (according to leaks). We shall find out more at the E3 conference that is, well, actually a day before E3! But the big question is: Who is it for?

We have consistently been ‘reminded’ by ‘hardcore’ gamers of the ‘problems’ with the Nintendo Wii in that it is for ‘casual’ and ‘family’ players only and ignores their individual ‘niche’, leading it to have a bad reputation. Even though it is purely by those two demographics that it has (in the past three years) taken the lead from the newest-gen consoles so far, only starting to loose ground recently. But now it looks as though these two gaming groups are precisely whom Microsoft, a company usually friendly towards those ‘hardcore’ gamers, are aiming at!

And rightly so. To create software simply for the ‘hardcore’ players would be virtual suicide for any company. And it appears that Microsoft has an idea of how to gain some ground and get more XBOXes into more households with Project Natal. This is a shrewd business move, but former Microsoft studio manager Scott Bayless believes that it is doomed because it didn’t come out soon enough!

“When I met with Microsoft in 2008 to look at Natal I asked: ‘When will you integrate this into the 360?’
Their response was: ‘We’re probably going to wait and see on that.’ To which I said: Then you’re going to fail.’”

“Plays like this always fragment and the disincentive to developers is powerful; when I’m spending tens of millions on a game, the last thing I want to do is lose 90 per cent of my market.”

Is this too much too late? What are your thoughts? Post below and let us know.

Source: Sankaku Complex