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Didn’t think that gamers could contribute to a game’s delay?  Well, that’s the case with Ubisoft’s anticipated real time strategy game, R.U.S.E, which was originally due out on June 2nd.  The PC community was given early access through a beta, and after some harsh feedback, Ubisoft has made a decision to delay the title until September (confirmed via R.U.S.E Facebook page).  The extra time will allow the development team to fix a few major issues, which include:

• The multiplayer menus and filters
• The unit selection
• The order assignment
• The unit behavior and pathfinding
• The strategic AI behaviour
• The anti-lag policy and kick system
• and the game balance of course

The team posts, “While we understand how disappointing this news will be for many, rest assured that this is the best decision for R.U.S.E. and that this extra time will allow us to implement many of your suggestions and improve the multiplayer experience while polishing the overall game.”

To all the RTS fans out there, don’t be too disappointed; knowing that Ubisoft has decided to listen to the community and improve your experience should be a good sign in months to come after the release.  It’s good to know a developer cares about our concerns and will take the necessary action to improve upon things and balance the gameplay experience, even if it goes as far as delaying a game.

via [Facebook]