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gaming chairs for big guysGetting the right gaming chair is as important as getting the right console to play on. From the outside it might not seem like a big deal but for any serious gamer it really is. Games are immersive and consuming now and you’ll generally be sat down for more than a few hours to complete it.

You’ll want your gaming chair to be able to support your body as you play. If you don’t get the proper support for your back, legs and rear you can find yourself with aches and pains that just won’t go away. This can even turn into long term chronic pain when you’re older.

Big name brands have started producing some pretty stylish and effective gaming chairs for those who love to play. Unfortunately for anyone who is on the bigger or taller end of the spectrum the chairs just aren’t quite doing it. Thankfully a few companies have begun specialized chairs for the larger user.

Gaming Chairs for Real Men

Let’s face it, us big and tall guys aren’t often catered for fully in most markets. For clothes, transport and everyday life we tend to get the raw end of the deal and have to make do. It isn’t really fair and in some cases it can cause some long term issues for the bigger man.

Getting the right gaming chair is important to get the support you want to and need while putting those hours in. For bigger guys we’re already more prone to back pain and long term back issues so we need that support more than ever.

Thankfully the gaming industry is ahead of the curve on this one and there are a number of companies producing specialized gaming chairs for ‘big guys’.

The Best Gaming Chairs for Big Guys

When we talk about bigger guys that doesn’t always refer to weight. Taller people or those who are naturally more broad have different requirements for their gaming setup and this includes the chair they use.

There are a number of companies that have released gaming chairs specifically for the big guy. These brands include Finsac, Kinsal and TopSky. These chairs are designed slightly differently but still keep the same kind of style and utility that you’d look for in a gaming chair.

Generally these chairs are built to accommodate taller individuals. This is done by created a much larger back which can still give support the entire way up. The chair can also be raised so that there is space for the legs to rest comfortably on the ground. Generally these gaming chairs will work for anyone up to 6 ft 5” but there are a few specially designed options for the even taller individual.

The seats of these chairs have also been altered for a larger user. A broader, wider seat is used and extra cushioning is put under the fabric. This allows it to support a larger frame and heavier weights.

In these specialised gaming chairs there is also extra cushioning and added lumbar support. This ensures that the bigger user is getting the full support they need and the comfort they’d expect from these gaming chairs.

If you’re a bigger gamer then don’t settle for less, check out the full list of big and tall gaming chairs