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Looks like rumors of difficult financial times over at Realtime World’s weren’t to far off the mark as sources have now Indicated that the developer might be looking to sell their recently released MMORPG.  Leaked financial documents from Realtime World’s circulated around the web earlier this summer outlining the Publishers rather tenuous financial situation due to the heavy cost of developing All Points Bulletin, and their future plans for the company if APB did not perform post launch.

Unfortunately for Realtime, the game has not performed to expectations, and things seem to be progressing according to the plan laid out in Realtime’s leaked financial statement.  In July Realtime announced it would be restructuring, and today over 60 employees have been laid off.  An unconfirmed report from VG247 suggests that Realtime has also quietly been shopping APB around.

Seems like Realtime put all of their eggs in one APB basket, and now that the game is not pulling the numbers the developer needed, the future is certainly in question for both APB and Realtime Worlds.