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Informer reported today that Realtime Worlds, the developer behind the crashed and burned APB, is bringing back 23 laid off employees to finish work on their social gaming experiment “My World”. Realtime hopes to have the game finished by spring 2011, and one can only assume that it will then go up for sale like All Points Bulletin has.

My question, why would you bring back developers that you laid off to finish a game that isn’t APB? Has Realtime forgotten that there are still people playing APB right now that can’t finish a single quest due to hackers, modders, and all around griefers. Not to mention the epic amount of lag in game right now. It seems that Realtime has all but abandoned APB and is more than willing to let it sit and die slowly. While the developer has said it still has 50 devs working on APB, players have reported that there is currently never a GM in game, the forums are over run with people posting porn as there are no moderators, and the APB anti-cheat system is still not functional.

Way to go Realtime! While I was sad that you went bankrupt at first, now I think you may have got what you deserved.