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For those of you that got a chance to read our in-depth preview of The upcoming Aliens vs. Predator a while back, you may have noticed that we are more than excited about Rebellions take on this Sci-fi masterpiece. And now it appears we have even more reason to be anxious about the game, as the developer has confirmed that AVP will be getting downloadable content. Talk about goodies!

“I can confirm that we do have plans for DLC,” said Tim Jones, Rebellion’s Head of Art and Design, in a recent little interview with Playstation Lifestyle, but sadly cut himself short of actually giving specifics of what exactly to look forward to, “but as you’ve probably guessed, I can’t confirm exactly what those plans are yet….”

At the moment, the game is headed for a February 2010 release date, but for us here at Kokugamer, February can’t come soon enough.

[via PlaysationLifeStyle]