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After meddling in the Red Dead Revolver (in 2004), a new story emerges from the Rockstar Games studio for players to continue the story that the game has left off.   Sticking with the Western theme, the game sets upon the chaotic and lawless times of the 20th century where the government expands and the Industrial Age rises.

“Let the smoke rise, and the guns fire!”

Playing as a former outlaw John Marston, gamers will explore more open world environments which include various dicey mountain passages, blustering towns, and pristine prairies.  While reliving the Wild West, the player will shoot off against various gun slingers, strangle with dominant wild beasts, and chat with the toughest individuals in towns.

This action/adventure game will be released on April 27 this year for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 console!  This video game is also rated Mature.