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What if they were shooting Super Soakers filled with Vodka? Would it be just as controversial? Imagine all those innocent civilians running around the airport, drenched and smelling like fermented potatoes, screaming “I can’t get drunk through my eyes you $@!&, aim for my mouth!!”

But I guess it all depends on if you were actually paying attention to the plot in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 because, in my humble opinion, I think most have completely missed the point.

The Russian government has completely recalled all console versions of Modern Warfare 2 from stores because of their depiction in the “No Russian” mission; which has gotten a lot of attention for being the scene of a massive airport massacre of innocent civilians.

Infinity Ward has responded to the outcry by patching out the level in its entirety for Russian consumers, and the edited version is said to be re-released in less than a month; pending government approval.

So why does everyone care so much? If the people behind the ban actually saw what was going on in the plot of the game instead of paying attention to all the fanfare of controversy, then they would come to realize that it’s not intended to fan the flames of sensitive issues, but is rather a turning point in a very intriguing story that is no worse than any other book or movie with a similar motif.

When will people stop giving video games such a bad wrap and finally start to respect it as an honest and artistic medium; because frankly, I’m getting pretty damn sick of it not getting credit where credit is due.

via [Hellforge]