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With Sony’s recent announcement of the God of War I and II coming to the Playstation 3, Sony could have all the keys to the castle of success. With the release of the Slim PS3 at a ridiculously low price of $299, all those gamers who have yet to cross over to the next gen of gaming can easily afford to.  But some of Sony’s biggest hits this gen have been new games that weren’t on previous platforms. PS2 gamers haven’t gotten the enjoyment of Uncharted or Resistance. Obviously without a PS3, they couldn’t but sequels make console transitions easier for gamers unwilling to make that jump. With the initial high price of $600 and very few familiar games, many gamers feared making the huge leap of faith on Sony. With the release of Metal Gear Solid 4 and a slightly lower price that transition became easier. But this holiday, the decision will be simple for those still to by the PS3.

God of war playstation cover

God of War sold a whopping 3.2 million units world wide. It broke the mold of traditional action adventure games, and recharged the genre. The massive success made the decision for a sequel simple, and God of War II has brought in another 2.5 million sales. With nearly 6 million sales, its amazing it took Sony this long to bring the collection to the PS3 with updated graphics and trophies, but its timing make sense. The PS3 slim release makes the console extremely affordable with all the system does, and with God of War 3 being released in March 2010, a holiday release makes perfect sense. Now obviously  some of those 6 million sales were repeat buyers getting  the sequel, but keep in mind used sales don’t count and that PS2 mods made it possible to play illegal copies of games. The number of gamers who played the series could massively surpass that number.


Sony’s price point of the Slim makes the entire industry happy. And not only the gaming industry. With more units sold, more Blu-ray players will be in homes, meaning not only will the sales of games increase, but blu-rays will too. The continuing growth of the market ensures that the gamers will constantly be rewarded with free PSN receiving updates as often as needed. The Slim isn’t only for new PS3 owners either, the price point makes it easily affordable for those wanting a second blu-ray player.

God of war collection

The God of War Collection is surely to be a huge success with current PS3 owners, especially at the low price of only 40 bucks. But believe that Sony’s true intention of this release is to get those gamers who haven’t crossed over yet. When they do, the spike in unit sales will translate to game sales and the Playstation will quickly make up for those months/years the game console stumbled in its existence. The holiday release makes the games beatable before the March release at which time those who have followed the series know “The End Begins”. The God of War Collection is due to hit selves “This Holiday Season”.