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Spellbound Entertainment AG, developer of the new Gothic game, has told Koku Gamer that they are not bothered by the proposed violent video game ban in Germany.

Community Manager Dietrich Limper told us that they didn’t even think the ban would go ahead, nor would it affect them:

“First of all – we don’t believe that this ban is ever going to happen,” said Limper. ”Please keep in mind that this year is an election year in Germany and crude ideas tend to pop up during such years.

“Furthermore this ban most likely affect Shooters. Role Playing Games weren’t mentioned in the discussion at all, so we don’t have the feeling that our games will have a problem with a potential ban.”

He went on to clarify that the proposition was not affecting their day-to-day operations:

“Right now our day to day business is not in any way influenced by this ban lurking on the horizon. To say it with a common proverb: “Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you.” We just take it easy and go on to develop games!”

We previously revealed that Crysis developer Crytek may be affected by the ban. Spellbound are currently working on the fourth Gothic title, Arcania: A Gothic Tale. Our thanks to Spellbound for their clarification.