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Star Ocean: The Last Hope is to be released on the Playstation 3 next year, worldwide, on February 9th.

The game is being released as a “International” version. According to Famitsu, new features and updates include the option to choose between the English and Japanese voice acting, an update to the menu system and grahpics (depending on which language you choose) as well as other currently undisclosed exclusive content. Star Ocean: The Last Hope is supposedly the last game in the Star Ocean series.

Is this yet more evidence for the decline in console exclusives? It seems these days nothing remains exclusive to one console for long, except from 1st party titles that is. When Natal and Sony’s Motion Wand are released it’s quite possible we’ll see many previously Wii exclusive titles ported over to those consoles, thus perhaps fully breaking down any barriers that impede porting titles across consoles.