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TGS 2010 has kicked off and so far it’s proven to be quite interesting.  Capcom has a big presence as always when it comes to the Tokyo Game Show and this year it’s not any different.  A new IP has been announced from the makers of the Devil May Cry franchise, which ironically also introduced a new game to the franchise titled DmC, which shows a new, more bad ass version of Dante.  There is a more intriguing title though, that looks to bring the same amount of epicness that God of War brought.  The game is Asura’s Wrath, which features a warrior battling against various god like looking characters.  The game looks to include plenty of quick time events as well as giant gods.  As the trailer will show you, a god like figure is trying to enter the earths atmosphere as you use quick time events to defeated it.

Not much more than a trailer and some screens have been released, but it does offer a few details like the Unreal 3.0 Engine being used to power the graphics.  Hit the jump and check out the screenshots as well as a intense trailer of the game.

Asura's Wrath universe

Asura's Wrath

Asura's Wrath Power up

Asura's Wrath on point