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The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time LogoLink. Hero of time, wielder of the Master Sword, keeper of the Triforce of Courage.

The classic N64 game The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time gets a re-releasing for the first time on a handheld system. Sure you can already play it on the N64, Gamecube, and your Wii, but you can’t play any of those systems in line at the DMV, unless you are Ben Heckendorn with his fancy Modded Wii Laptop.

After just a few minutes of playing this game I feel like I’m playing it again for the first time. I remember rushing home from school so I could sit in my room and play Zelda on the Nintendo 64 I got for Christmas. I would sit there for hours engrossed in my quest to save Princess Zelda, and all the while wondering why all the games get named after her, all she does is get kidnapped all the time. It should be called The Legend of Link, you don’t see them naming the Mario games after Princess Peach do you? I don’t think I would want to play a game called Super Princess Peach World, especially when you are forced to play as two greasy Italians.
That is false advertising.

But I digress, once again I find myself struggling to put this game down.

A few new things I noticed were that the graphics seem to have been given a generous polishing and this helps add to the new game feeling, they have also made a few adjustments to the overall gameplay. None of this takes away from the experience I remember, in fact it enhances it. My favorite new feature is when you switch to view mode using your slingshot, bow, etc., you can either use the Analog stick to aim or you can use the new motion controls to look around by just moving the 3DS system, which in my opinion is much more fun. They also use the X and Y buttons and 2 buttons placed on the touchscreen to make up for the lack of a C-pad the N64 controllers used, but even without the classic C-pad setup I was able to play without missing a beat. Another neat feature for new players, or for if you just get stuck somewhere, is the Sheikah Stone in either the Kokiri Forest next to the ladder to links house or the Temple of Time. It gives you a “vision of your future” of what you are supposed to do next, which is essentially a short video clip of where and what you are supposed to do next

But for all of the good in any game there is always some bad.

For those of you incited into murderous rage by Navi screaming “HEY! LISTEN!” every 45 seconds, I’m sorry to say that is one thing they did not improve upon. Navi still insists on screaming at you just to make statements that have no bearing on your current quest or situation.

I also had some difficulty playing this in full 3D especially when trying to use the motion controls, so I just played the whole game with it turned off, except for the cut scenes, which looked beyond amazing in 3D.

Also included in the release of OoT 3D is the option to play the Master Quest version of the game once you have beaten it. This game is far from just a port of an old N64 game, this is a game that has survived 13 years, 3 consoles, and thanks to this latest 3DS release, will live on for some time to come.

This is a must for anyone who has a 3DS and a reason to buy one for those who don’t.