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Gamers are a very busy bunch; there isn’t much that can be squeezed into our busy schedule. There are a few things we have to squeeze in though; toilet breaks, drink breaks and of course meal breaks. So what makes a good gamer meal? Well we have to enjoy it so taste is important, and it can’t cut too much into our game time so it must be quick to prepare.

You don’t have to be a Hell’s Kitchen contestant to prepare these meals; they are quick, easy and delicious. Here is the Koku Gamer: Top Ten Meals For Gamers.

10. Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwich

SandwichIt doesn’t have to be Peanut Butter and Jelly; it could be any variety of sandwiches. Usually the first thing that pops into your mind when thinking of something quick to eat is a sandwich. These are simple to prepare and handy when you’re in a rush. While it may be lacking in terms of culinary status nothing has been consumed more than the humble sandwich. It deserves a spot in the Top 10 simply because everyone eats them and eats them often.

9. Meat Pies

Yes, it’s true. Meat pies exist. While not too popular in the USA, Meat Pies are a delicacy in other parts of the world and are almost considered a staple diet in countries like New Zealand and Australia. With varieties varying from Steak and Mushroom to Bacon and Egg, Meat Pies are also very cheap. All that is required is 2 minutes in the microwave and voila! Hot steaming Meat Pie ready to eat!

8. Nachos


This is one of the quickest meals to prepare. Just get some Doritos throw some cheese on top of them, throw it in the microwave for about 45 seconds and you have hot steamy Nachos. Throw some salsa on top and you have a tasty meal ready to go. A fan favorite since the beginning of time, gamers craving a savory treat will find no substitute that satisfies quite like Nachos.

7. Pop Corn

PopcornPop Corn is more of a cinema food, but heck if you’re playing Metal Gear Solid 4 why not throw some Pop Corn in the microwave and enjoy the cut scenes? With games moving more towards a cinematic experience Pop Corn is not only easy to prepare but is delicious too. Just a few minutes in the microwave or even on the stove and your Pop Corn is ready to eat.

6. Ramen Noodles

Maruchan RamenNot to be confused with the restaurant variety Ramen, or instant noodles, are one of the quickest and easiest meals to prepare. You have more chance burning water than you have of stuffing up Ramen noodles. Just add hot water and flavoring and you’re done. Let sit for two minutes while you beat some noob at Street Fighter 4 and your meal is hot ready to go. With flavors varying from country to country Ramen noodles are a fan favorite everywhere around the world.

5. Pop Tarts

TartWhoever invented Pop Tarts is a genius. You just pop them in your toaster and presto, hot food ready to go. Pop Tarts come in a wide range of varieties like frosted, unfrosted, splitz and limited editions and flavors like Blueberry muffin, Vanilla Milkshake and Hot Fudge Sundae. If you have a toaster handy Pop Tarts are a must have. When it’s late at night and you need a sugar fix to keep awake while playing Call Of Duty 4, a Pop Tart hits the spot. If you’re craving something sweet Pop Tarts are hard to beat.

4. Hot Pockets

Hot PocketsHow could you have a Top 10 Gamer Meals without Hot Pockets? Even in South Park’s “Make Love, Not Warcraft” episode they kept a microwave oven close to their computers to constantly eat them. With Hot Pockets coming in Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner varieties you could easily stock up on these little bad boys. With more than enough variety between them Hot Pockets never get old. With their ingenious crisping sleeve and wide variety of flavors, Hot Pockets are considered by some “The Gamer Food.”

3. Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Mac ‘n’ CheeseMac ‘n’ Cheese is amazing. The first time I tried it I was a little skeptical; I am a massive fan of traditional Macaroni and Cheese. For me packaged food doesn’t substitute real food very well. However one mouthful and I was converted. This is the best microwave prepared meal you can get. You can even add your own little things to it to give it that customized flavour. As long as you have Mac ‘n’ Cheese in your cupboard you would be hard pressed to find a more convenient food. Kraft are on to a real winner with this one. Gamers around the world are forever grateful for Mac ‘n’ Cheese.

2. Indomie Mi-Goreng Noodles

Mi-GorengWhile still technically instant noodles this variety, Indomie Mi-Goreng, is by far the best available to the consumer. They are so good they deserve their own spot in the Top 10. It requires a little more preparation than other kinds but the end result is worth it. With spicy chilly, soy sauce, fried onion and flavoring to boot this is a staple food of anyone who lives life on a busy schedule. Instant noodles have never tasted so good, and most likely never will. Quick to prepare and absolutely delightful, a box of Mi-Goreng noodles will never look out of place in a gamer kitchen.

1. Last Night’s Pizza

Could there be anything better? I wanted Mi-Goreng noodles to be number 1, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Why is that? Because last night’s pizza is so freaking delicious and easy to prepare that nothing can beat it out.  It can be from your local Pizza Parlor or even from Pizza Hut. It doesn’t matter because it is all good. One piece of pizza requires about 40 seconds to microwave and you can enjoy everything you enjoyed about it the night before. This is the ultimate gamer food.

1 Slice Pizza

While certainly not endorsed by health boards around the world, this list was compiled together on the grounds of taste, preparation and convenience. Koku Gamer encourages gamers to exercise regularly and we don’t mean just your fingers. Diet and regular exercise contribute to a healthy lifestyle,meaning more time spent playing video games.

What foods do you normally consume while playing or between breaks?  Comment below no registration required to comment.

Special Mention to “Queenmom” for coming up with the idea.