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I love Metal Gear Solid, in fact there has never been a franchise that has amazed me and left me speechless quite like this franchise has. In fact the question was asked of me recently if you could meet anyone famous who would it be; my reply was Hideo Kojima, because he created, in my eyes, the most amazing franchise ever made.

Metal Gear Solid changed my gaming life. The experiences I had are still vivid in my mind, and I often recall moments when I first experienced them. Though some may think the franchise is far fetched and over the top, it has delivered moments in gaming that few achieve and none have surpassed, well at least in my opinion. Here is a list of my personal Top 10 Metal Gear Moments, and coming up with just 10 was very difficult.

10. Metal Gear RAY vs Metal Gear REX: MGS4

For once you actually get to use a Metal Gear!!! You spent so long destroying Metal Gears you never really thought about using one, until MGS4 came out. The good old fashioned mech battle was absolutely epic, while the controls seemed a little tedious it was serious fun being in control of a Metal Gear.

9. Trying To Beat The Sorrow: MGS3

If this was a top most frustrating moments then this would be closer to the top. I don’t know how many times I threw my controller in frustration trying to figure out how to get past it. It drove me absolutely nuts, and when I took a dive and looked online how to do it (I didn’t have a guide, and I admitted I would never finish without looking) I was amazed at the simplicity of it. Trying to beat The Sorrow definitely sticks out, and is one of the most memorable for driving gamers absolutely nuts.

MGS3 The Sorrow Cobra Unit

8. Torture Scene-Escape: MGS1

This whole segment was fantastic. It was a pivotal moment in the game; if you survived the torture Meryl survived. Give in and she dies. Then there was the guard who got diarrhea, which gave you enough time to use a bottle of ketchup to fake your death. One of the multitude of moments that made MGS1 a revolutionary title.

MGS1 Torture Scene-Escape

7. Grey Fox’s Demise: MGS1

The very few moments we saw the Cyborg Ninja we knew he was pure badass. Grey Fox and Solid Snake were close, and even fought against each other. Their first encounter in MGS1 left Solid Snake a little shocked, and when his friend requested death he couldn’t bring himself to do it. Grey Fox’s death was sad, and he was a great loss to the Metal Gear universe. No other Ninja filled the gap unfortunately.

6. Solidus Snake vs Metal Gear Ray: MGS2

Solid, Liquid and Solidus; The product of Les Enfants Terribles. Solid and Liquid Snake were good, but Solidus was even better; he was the perfect clone of Big Boss. He even had the same influence over his subordinates. The evidence of his strength was shown when he single handedly took down multiple Metal Gears, and he did it easy. They were no match for Solidus Snake.

5. The Psycho Mantis Fight: MGS1

Another frustrating fight, if you didn’t remember what to do. Psycho Mantis was ruthless, and the fact that he could read your every movement didn’t help. So what was required? Simply change the controller to port 2 and voila, Psycho Mantis couldn’t read your movements. Once that was done Psycho Mantis was easy to beat. Haunting music, the little gimmicks he makes and a great fight make this segment truly memorable.

MGS1 Castlevania

4. Final Chapter And Ending: MGS4

Quite possibly the most epic ending thus far, MGS4 was perhaps the most sort after ending in gaming history, after all it was Solid Snakes final mission. People were rushing to the end to see what would happen to him, and went on one hell of a Roller Coaster. From the fight with Ocelot to the final cut scene, this was a great finish to one of the most beloved lead characters in the history of gaming.

3. Shadow Moses Revisited: MGS4

For fans of the original MGS this moment was truly remarkable. Revisiting Shadow Moses was amazing, “The Best Is Yet To Come” playing while you run through the level is a  moment I will always remember. A beautiful level, with beautiful music make for an absolutely amazing experience. Precious few game moments surpass Snakes final trip to Shadow Moses.

2. Microwave Scene: MGS4

Another remarkable moment, and one that very nearly made me cry. I have never been so involved, hoping to make it through, a video game moment quite like this one. The first time I played through it I got a cramp halfway through it, but that wasn’t going to stop me helping Snake through. This is perhaps the most emotionally charged moment in the entire series, and possibly of all video games.


1. Playing MGS1 For The Very First Time

For those that have grown up in the PS2/Xbox era it is quite difficult to understand just how revolutionary the PS1 really was. It was the console that bought 3D to gamers (console gamers that is.) So remember before Crash Bandicoot we were playing Super Mario Kart or Sonic, and to jump from that to something like Metal Gear was truly astonishing.

I freely admit, MGS1 is by far my favorite of the franchise; in fact what made me appreciate MGS4 so much was the many references to MGS1. This title was revolutionary, it was an action game that didn’t force you to gun down countless foes. In fact if you did that it was a sure way to the cemetery. MGS1 offered action, suspense, love and multiple storylines. For me playing through MGS1 is the most memorable Metal Gear moment of all.