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Evan Wells, Co-President of Naughty Dog has posted some interesting Uncharted 2 statistics over on the Playsation Blog. These statistics are in regards to the multilayer demo that was released on the 29th of September.

  • Total Number of games played – 1,217,424
  • Total Number of Kills – 92,110,787
  • Total Number of Treasures Captured – 1,860,645
  • Total Amount of Money Earned – $38,841,367,350
  • Total Time Played – 9,905 days (or 27+ years!)

For those keeping track, thats 27 years in a little over a week. Wells also reports that the demo is currently on pace to become the most downloaded demo on the PSN to date. And with a current Metacritic average of 97, Uncharted 2 is quickly becoming the highest rated game of the year. Wells also talks about a future Pepsi promotion, were the details for that will be revealed at a later time.

via [PlayStation Blog]