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Fans of the classic 3D mech fighting game, Virtual On are in for a great treat. The recently leaked issue of Famitsu reveled the  remake of Virtual On Force, which will be a full retail game. Virtual On Force was released as an arcade game exclusively for Japan in 2001, but is being redone like how Virtual On Oratorio Tangram was remade for the Xbox 360 Arcade.

Sega is taking Force to the next level with updated graphics and better Xbox Live support that will include two on two death match, and two different modes of co-op gameplay. There will be a co-op version of single player, and a co-op boss fight mode, pitting two players against a massive boss that are extremely challenging alone. Other new features include Mission Mode which unlocks new Virtuaroids after each mission, an AI Virtualoid buddy in the single player mode with the ability to change AI tactics to combat current situations, and some sort of item feature to use in battles, which has not been explained yet. Also Virtual On Force contains thirteen characters with an average of four different versions of the Virtuaroids making this the largest roster in the series, and will hopefully be expanding with this game.

Right now the game is still in development for the Xbox 360 and is expected to be released sometime in Winter, however it is unknown as of now, which region will be seeing this game in during the Winter. More news should be coming out next week when Sega finishes up their countdown to officially announce this game. If this looks interesting, check out Virtual On Oratorio Tangram which is available on the Xbox 360 Arcade for 1200 points or if you are lucky at your nearest arcade and Chuck E. Cheese’s does not count unless you are twelve.

For the Virtual On fans, what do you want to see in this new game? Post your thoughts in the comment section below.

Oratorio Tangram cyber troopers virtual on characters

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