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Call of Duty have dominated the FPS market for years with their diverse range of shooting games. Black Ops 3 has always been the black sheep in the COD family, with some crazy story lines, off the wall characters and unique weaponry.

Black Ops 3 is definitely one of the more outlandish games that Treyarch have produced with sci-fi meeting some realistic game mechanics to produce something unique.

Black Ops games are made to be super enjoyable, whether it’s solo play or multiplayer and provide hours of entertainment for the user. The main thing that keeps us coming back to Bo3 is the sheer amount of content in the game. It’s got a lot more depth than any of the others in the series with features like specialists making it more interesting.

The game also includes a zombies mode (of course) which is a big bonus. The zombie game is essentially a separate game alongside the main campaign where you fight for your life against the undead. If you haven’t tried it you really need to.

With more features than any other installment, Black Ops 3 really adds to the COD franchise and with well created characters and interesting storylines you’ll be immersed in the game.


Black Ops 3 Supply Drops

A popular feature in Black Ops games is the supply drop. Supply drops are essentially where care packages and useful items are airdropped and you can collect them and reap the benefits. In previous installments, you’d see weapons and gear get dropped that you can use on the battlefield, but in Black Ops 3 it’s slightly different.

Firstly, you won’t get any weapons in supply drops. Instead, they’re mostly aesthetic features which make your existing gear look better. This includes some unique camos and even someone of a kind outfits to change your character into.

How you’ll earn your supply drops is also slightly different. In other COD games you’d automatically get supply drops when you reached certain milestones. You’d reach these milestones by completing challenges and earning points.

In Black Ops 3 it’s all changed. First, you’ll have to earn Cryptokeys. These are what counts as the in game currency and right now you might struggle to accumulate them. The main ways we’ve found of earning them are through challenges and by playing multiplayer. Once you’ve managed to earn the cryptokeys you’ll need to exchange them on the black market for supply drops. Not an easy process at all.

Each supply drops brings some unique gear your way and they’re definitely worth unlocking when you can. Check out the full guide to Black Ops 3 supply drops