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MS has sent out an E-mail saying that the new update will hit the 17th and that in it will be a couple of new features which include access to…

  • Facebook, the social networking site, straight from your TV. Allowing you to connect your Gamertag to your Facebook account and let you update your achievements and success in upcoming games.
  • Twitter, will allow you to tweet from your couch as well as read up on what kind of sandwich your friends are eating.
  • Zune will allow you to buy and rent the latest movies and TV shows and either watch them on your TV or download them to your Zune HD.
  • Last.FM which is a internet streaming radio that allows you to create your own radio stations of about almost anything. Want to break some barriers and listen to classical Mario themes on your 360? Then go ahead and do so.

What do you think about this update? Is it worth the manpower? Should they have been working on getting more Xbox original games working on the 360? or should they have been doing something else all together? Let us know in the comments.