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Moderators over at the Xbox Forums seem to be unable to cope with Microsoft’s recent banning spree as users complain about console bans.

Numerous posts regarding the console ban on the Account Suspensions and Player Feedback forum remain unanswered by mods. Those that have got replies are full of identikit responses from mods, with the most common one being:

Our investigations are very thorough.

However if you PM Tatsu24 with your consoleID and serial number we will re-verify our investigation. Your console ID is located in System Settings>Console Settings>System Info

Before replying, please be sure that you:

1. Purchased your console brand new and unopened from a reputable retailer

2. No individual has ever handled the Xbox outside your direct physical supervision.

3. You have thoroughly reviewed the information and FAQ located at

Please be aware that if our re-verification is correct, this could result in a permanent suspension of the Xbox LIVE accounts on this console, along with all associated licenses and gamerscore.

Yet how can “very thorough investigations” lead to the need for re-verification and so many threads pleading innocence on the Xbox forums?

There are those out there who play innocent, but here are a few topics lifted from the forum where we think they genuinely are:

Chandlermccool’s topic sees him claim to be a father of four Xbox hungry kids. One of his kids’ consoles was initially banned before he reveals further into the topic that a second one was banned and that his kids “are going CRAZY”. He claims to have spent “A LOT of money with Microsoft” and he also claims to have called Xbox Support 15 times without answer. The response? Check the paragraph in italics above…

Verdict: His sincerity and insistence makes us think he’s not guilty. This is some mighty fine bullshiting if otherwise.

LQNupe718 claims his console was banned without explanation, as was a second console he bought. The user questions Microsoft’s “lengthy investigation” after his second Xbox was banned within days of purchasing. He is also adamant that he is not a cheat or a modder. The answer? The same spiel as the previous case. Except Nupe then makes a good point. A re-verification would require his console to be connected to Xbox Live, but he can’t because his console is banned.

“It seems to me from what you are saying is that they will just go over information they already have which is pointless in my opinion,” he contends.

Verdict: Again, this guy’s insistance suggests he’s fighting for a cause; an innocent one at that.

Finally, the most (presumably) innocent award goes to…CornabllDragoon. He’s a silver member who plays games with his four year old son. Cornball has 19 games on his profile which includes the likes of Big Bumpin, Sneak King, PocketBike Racer, Disney’s Bolt, Transformers 2, Cars…ok, Gears of War may be there, but who are we to judge his parenting? He has 1105 achievement points. He’s hardly screaming of modder. But his plight was met with the firm hand of a mod’s banal copy+paste technique.

Verdict: Common sense would suggest he’s innocent.

Personally, Microsoft’s inability to tell 100% if a console has been modified and used in a fraudulent way is absolutely ridiculous. But the message is clear: do not buy a console from ebay and do not even touch, let alone look, at the innards of your Xbox 360. Ever.

Please comment and let us know what you think of the recent bans MS has issues.  Do you think a lot of these folks are innocent? Registration is not required to comment.