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Yes, you read correctly, developer Zonik Games has created a stuffed animal, person, thing to control their upcoming game Wiiwaa. Clearly aimed for the kiddos this game will have you insert your wiimote into the thing’s mouth. (Less mature people may giggle at this, but just be happy they don’t have you insert it in another place…) After you have inserted you wiimote you will be able to control your character by having it imitate what you do to the plushie.

Giving that there aren’t any conventional controls for this game it seems like it will be a rail game where you can control what you do on that rail but not much else. Knowing that this is Zoink Games’ first game and it is going to be a leap of faith that this will sell, I can’t help but wonder if they will last. I guess they will have to hope many little kids and plushophiles will pick it up. If you’re just as curious as I was then check out the official promo YouTube video and tell us what you think about it in the comments.